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Welcome, lone traveller, to my Dispirited Gallery located within the vastness of the void that is the Internet. You've entered a Realm where nothing is held sacred except for the Toothpicks and nothing is created with Mastery.

This is the Dwelling of the Spurned Objet D'Art.

- - -

To be more blunt with you, my dear companion, this is my personal Art Gallery were all of my artworks that are scanable are placed. This is the expanse where the many different versions of my pictures shall be placed along with those which did not make the final cut to be placed on my Elfwood Gallery.

So, please keep in mind when you are viewing my Art, that these are the rejects, the Spurned, of my Art, and so therefore they are not the best. To see my better pictures please visit my Elfwood Art Gallery.

Any and ALL comments and critisms on my Artwork are welcome from you. Send them to me via E-Mail ( DayliaAmI@AOL.Com ) or just jot them down in my guestbook.


I hope you enjoy this page and thank you!

  -Dana L. Kubilus


Last Updated: 02/01/01

What's New:   well...everything is new!

Yes Yes! It's the brand new opening of this lil private Art Gallery of mine! I hope it all looks and works great for you!


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All Art on this Web-Site belongs to Dana L. Kubilus All Rights Reserved