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-[ The Spurned Galleries ]-

Ah, so you've Found your way to the Galleries of the Spurned, how lovely. I do Hope you enjoy your stay.

To brief you Tersly upon my Galleries.

Once again, these are all Artworks done by myself, Dana L. Kubilus, and they Belong to Only me, Dana L. Kubilus. If, for some Odd reason, you'd wish to use any of these pictures Please e-mail me to ask for Permission first. Please.

Also, as you can tell by sight, these are all Amateur Works and most of thse are not Finished. These are not the better of my Works, they are the ones I did nae put up on my better Elfwood Gallery because they were either not Good enough, or not Fantasy related. Some of these pictures are from Waaaay back when I first began, you Should be able to tell which ones those are. If you Cannot then, er, that Sucks.

This Gallery is seperated into Four smaller Portions.

[The Finished Gallery]   This is where the finished Artworks that were, for one reason or another, not placed on Elfwood reside.

[The Originals Gallery]   This is where the original pictures, or which ones were salvageable, have been placed before I hacked into them in a desperate attamept to better them. This may be interesting to those who may want to see how things looked 'Before'.

[The Versions Gallery]   When I start working with pictures in PaintShopPro5 or whatnot I oft come up with several forms of one picture. Some did not make the final cut to reach Elfwood. Here you can see the rejected ones.

[The Sketch & Doodle Gallery]   Whether bored at work or at school, if there is a writing utensil nearby I will be apt to start sketching. Often these turn out quite made as I usually put no real effort into them; however, sometimes this doodles help me come up with ideas for real pictures.

All Art on this Web-Site belongs to Dana L. Kubilus All Rights Reserved