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    ][ Play by: Keith Engar ][
    ][ Directed and Designed by: Garry Posey ][
    ][ Costumes Designed by: Suzanne Thurman ][
    ][ Chattanooga Theatre Centre - Youth - October 2001 ][
    Production Shots

Cast Shot:

Left to Right:
Top Row-
Preston Prigmore (Sir Leodegrance)
Stephen Bromfield (Arthur)
Matt Lynn (Sir Lot of Orkney)
Middle Row-
Seth Wilson (King Uther Pendragon - Sir Hector)
Jamie Barys (Lady Lenore)
Dayna Kubilus (Morgan Le Fay)
Douglas Strickland (Earl of Bagdemagus)
Danielle Liverman (Margawse)
Holli Smith (Lady Bagdemagus - Messenger)
Eric Grimm (Archbishop of Canterbury)
Bottom Row-
Ginny Straub (Merlin)
Miller Pace (Sir Lucan)
Seth Johnson (Kay)
Sean Cox (Aggravaine)
Nicki Carignan (Marion)
Jay Gregory (Sir Uriens)
Bottom Center-
Suzanne Thurman (Costume Designer - Stage Manager)