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Note From Author:   Hello everyone. This isn't my first fic., its just the first one I've actually put out for other people to read. ^^; So, no, don't be gentle, the more criticism, the better. Of course, compliments would be nice to. So, e-mail me ladies and gents!
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A Tale of Two People: Snowstorm - Part 1
By: Aoi

It was her eighteenth birthday. Oh what a joyous occasion! Yeah right, she thought. Oh how she hated parties, birthday parties, ooo! Parties of any kind she hated. All the girl really wanted to do was read. Swim. Mess around on her li'l' computer. But no, she wasn't aloud such simplistic things. Breaking through her thoughts was a tap on the sapphire door. A sigh. Company, now?

"Who is it?" She asked gently.

"The Beautiful Princess of Love, respectively." The female called out from behind the door. And with a chuckle, the girl let her in.

"Come in, Ai"

The girl known as Ai burst into the room, which shocked the other girl quiet a bit. Ai scanning the girl's attire gasped and swiftly sat beside her on the royal blue bed.

"Susei! You can't wear that to the Ball!"

Susei just shrugged. "Who said I was actually going?"

Ai gasped and gently prodded Susei's arm. "But everyone will be there, Susei!"

"So?" Was Susei's frivolous answer.

Another gasp emitted from Ai's painted lips. "But Susei! Prince Endymion will be there, and so will all of his Guardians! Princess Serenity will be there to! And her Guardians should be there also." Ai gently whispered.

Susei could understand that she would need to be there to protect her Princess from the Earthen heathens. But really now? What in the world were they doing at her, the Princess of Wisdom and Water's, party? That had the wheels in her head turnin', a mischievous grin played on her lips. Ai raised a blond brow.

"Susei? Are you okay? You're beginning to look kind of evil.."

Susei burst out into a fit of giggles before quickly rushing Ai out of her room, calling through the locked door. "I have to get dressed for the Ball, ditz!"

And still laughing, Susei changed into her 'birthday gown'.


"...And she just started laughing! Like.. like.. laughing like Serenity after she has just eaten a box of chocolate donuts!" Ai continued to explain her previous encounter with the blue-haired princess.

"Oi.. Ai, I think its you who are going crazy. What's wrong with laughing like Serenity once and a while?" One of the two girls crowded around the blonde-haired Ai asked.

"Oh, Ina! Its just that Susei is soo.. soo..-"

"Serious?" Asked Susei herself.

Ina, Ai, and the other girl all blanched, turning out of their huddle to look at Susei. And before Ai could stutter out an apology, all of the girls had their chins to the floor.

"S-Susei? When in the world did you get enough courage to wear that?" The raven-haired girl asked. No, it wasn't a skimpy sluty looking dress that Susei had on. It was just, that well, it was just not something you saw the timid girl in.

The dress itself was all blue, matching Susei's richly colored blue hair. It was also made of all silk and satin, each strand weaved in and out of each other. The dress conformed to the girl's body, skimming over her chest and hips to fall gracefully at her feet.

As Ina would have put it: "It shows all the right curves." And, well, it did.

Susei's shoulders were bare, the sleeves to the dress slipping down her arms. And on her dainty feet were a pair of blue heeled slippers. The girl finally answered the question addressed at her. "Ina and Ai helped me make it. Actually, it was all their idea to have me wear the thing. And I thought: 'Hey, it might not be soo bad'."

Ai and Ina who had faked shock were now grinning broadly, the other girl fuming. "And you didn't invite me in to help?!"

"Calm down, Kasei!" Ai and Ina said in unison. They both knew of the Princess of Mar's temper.

Susei, one hip cocked to the side, said with a grin. "Well, ladies, shall we go?"

Each and every one of them nodded.


+Two Months Earlier+

The dark-haired Prince, Endymion, entered his Guardian's quarters just after the crack of dawn. Not surprisingly, every single one of his men were wide awake and in deep discussion. But at the Prince's presence, all four men stood and saluted.

"No need for that, my friends." Endymion smiled.

After reclaiming his seat on the soft couch, the blonde-haired General, Zoiscite, spoke. "Endymion, what's this I hear about all of us traveling to Mercury, eh?" All the General's knew about how Zoiscite loved one-night standers, and the people on Mercury were awfully timid. Yes, it would be a challenge. But fun at that.

"Yes..," Their Prince answered with a sigh, "Serenity wants me to acompany her at one of her friend's comming-of-age Ball.. It should be a blast."

All the Generals chuckled, each and every one of them knew how much Endymion disliked the Moon Princess. The way she styled her hair was especially beginning to annoy him. Now, if there was a girl he thought pretty, it was her friend, the Princess of Mercury. So, no, the trip wasn't going to be all that bad.

The Prince and his Generals, Zoiscite, Kunzite, Nephlite, and Jaedite, all departed for Mercury a month later. It was going to be a long trip.


Serenity nor any of the Princesses were introduced as regally as Susei was. After all, this was a Ball dedicated to her. And everyone on the Planet, and other Planets as well, were there.

This was the part the blue-haired Princess dreaded. A stairway carved from Ivory was dotted with Sapphires and Aquamarines. It was quite a spectacular sight, so it was only proper for Susei to come down that way, where all eyes would be on her.


The Generals had just entered the great circular room, and without an introduction. Stealth was what they liked, as well as only one person knowing who they were. And that was their Prince.

Each General, all attired in their favorite colors, scattered about the great room. The brown-blonde haired Zoiscite by the stair case, the white-haired Kunzite leaning against a pillar on the left side. Blonde-haired Jaedite by the right side and brown-haired Nephlite in the back, rather close to where all the Princesses were awaiting Mercury.

Flutes began to dance eloquently on the air as the sapphire laden staircase began to shimmer. Everyone's eyes were glued onto that stairway, Zoiscites most intently when he saw what was coming down it.


Names in Story - Japanese Names - American Names
Suseino Hime = Mizuno Ami = Amy
Aino Hime = Aino Minako = Mina
Kaseino Hime = Hino Rei = Raye
Inazumano Hime = Kino Makoto = Lita
Serenity = Tsukino Usagi = Serena
Endymion = Chiba Mamoru = Darien
Selenity = Queen Serenity = Queen Serenity
Zoiscite = Zoiscite = Zoiscite
Nephlite = Nephlite = Nephlite
Kunzite = Kunzite = Malakite
Jaedite = Jaedite (?) = Jaedite

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Note From Author:  In case you're wondering about all the name changes, its because of my belief about reincarnation. You see, the Senshi were reincarnated on Earth, and supposingly when you are reincarnated you take on a different identity. Looks, name, voice, etc. But the Senshi's looks stayed the same as well as their names supposingly. So, I decided to take it upon myself to rename the yet-to-be-reincarnated Princesses. Hehe..^^, and if all of you think it is too confusing, just tell me about it in your E-mails and I'll change it, kay?

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Part Two

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