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Note From Author:   How many of you though that previous story was pretty short? Well, I did, and I apologize. PS: If you think my story is stinky, tell me. I'll lock an air freshener on it! *cough* Anywho..
On to the story, ne?

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A Tale of Two People: Snowstorm - Part 2
By: Aoi

Susei was visibly humiliated, especially from the way that man was staring at her. And she blushed at her next thought: He was very handsome.

The man had slightly wavy hair of a brownish-blonde color that was held back by a green, leather thong. His suit he wore consisted of a gray tunic and gray pants, both trimmed in green. But the thing that most captivated her was his eyes, how they sparkled in the dim light, and how well she could see the color of his vivid emerald eyes soo far away.

Zoiscite had just as intently examined the Princess. But his inspection was much more thorough and with a tinge of imagination involved. The General's curiosity was pricked at the seductive way she swayed her hips while walking down those steps and the way the timid look about her contradicted it soo easily. Yes, she was quite a catch.

The Princess had dark dark blue hair, it was almost black. Yet her eyes of equal innocent color magically matched her hair with an overbearing brightness. She was a contradiction all in herself.

"Proudly the Solar System and planet of Mercury introduces Princess Susei Hime of Mercury, Wisdom, and Water."

A loud resounding cheer echoed throughout the room in response to the introduction; Zoiscite merely smiled.

The rake had noticed the way the Mercurian Princess' pale cheeks immediately glowed a tinge of pink. All along Zoiscite silently wished for the Princess to quickly claim her seat and for the party to start. He vowed to get acquainted with this girl.

After a quick waltz with the Mercurian King, Susei swiftly moved her way over to the blue velvet chair placed on the center of the raised platform. Zoiscite wasted not a second moving to the Princess. He bowed to her before asking, "May I have a dance with the lovely Princess of Mercury?"

Susei blushed furiously, quickly glancing between Ina and Kasei, the only Princesses left by themselves beside Susei. Both Kasei and Ina gave her a wink, and reluctantly the Princess of Mercury stood and placed her hand in Zoiscites.

Grinning in male victory, the General led Susei out onto the dance floor where he gently wrapped his arm around his waist while she placed a petite hand on a broad shoulder.

Whispering to her, Zoiscite said, "It's an honor to meet you, Princess."

Susei blushed.

"It is just as honorable to meet you, Sir" Susei was forced to rest her head against his chest as Zoiscite laid his head atop hers.

Goodness, she's short, he thought to himself.

Goodness, he's tall, Susei thought to herself with a small giggle.

When he heard her musical giggle, Zoiscite absentmindedly smiled. And at that moment, someone from behind took hold of his shoulders and through him back away from Susei.

The green-eyed general looked up and around for his assailant, unknowingly having an urge to protect the Mercurian Princess. What he did end up seeing was a very happy looking Princess and some green-haired guy.

Jealousy coursed through the General's veins as he hopped up and swiftly sauntered over to the dancing couple.

Placing a white-gloved hand onto the green-haired man's shoulder, Zoiscite spun him around to face him. Scowling, Zoiscite proceeded to ask: "What in God's name do you think you're doing?" He all but yelled his question.

With a smirk, the green-haired man, that Zoiscite could now tell was only a boy, answered. "I am dancing with my fiance, that's what."

The boy smiled at the sudden drop in Zoiscite's features.

Meanwhile, Susei had sneaked away from the two squabbling men. Well, technically man and boy. Oh how she hated the way Kenshinno Kenryoku showed her off like a prize. "Damn him!" She accidentally thought aloud.

"Susei?" A man called out.

At the sudden call of her name, the Princess jumped in fright. And at the man's chuckle, Susei immediately relaxed.

"Oh Goodness, you scared the daylights out of me, Endymion." Susei turned to face the Earthen Prince with a smile. "Why aren't you with you Serenity?"

The Prince sighed out his annoyance. "I've been with her since the time I arrived on your planet, Susei. And well, personally, I've gotten pretty sick and tired of the little wench. Seriously now, Susei, how long can you really stay with her, hmm?"

"Longer than you!!" A female voice called out from the shadows. They both heard the running footsteps of little Princess Serenity.

Susei groaned while Endymion chuckled. She gave him a fierce frown to show how much she disapproved of that.

"I hardly think that was amusing, dear Prince."

The prince shrugged with another sigh. "Well, atleast I don't have to keep on faking my liking for the girl."

Another disapproving frown from the Mercurian Princess. Promptly, she gave the Prince a fierce shove while calling out: "You go apologize now!" And before the rude Prince could reply, she had shut the highly arched doors that lead out onto the man balcony.


Zoiscite had thrown every insult he could at the arrogant Baron of Neptune. The General had finally resolved his suspicions that the boy was not Mercurian after he had started returning the insults. From all Zoiscite's experience with Mercury's people, he had never once found someone that truly would continue an argument with him.

Finally Zoiscite gave it up and just smacked the boy upside the head before disappearing amongst a cyclone of Cherry Blossoms.


Susei really didn't have a problem with the man she had danced with earlier. He was handsome, gentle, and everything a woman could ask for. Plus, and more importantly, he wasn't Ken, her nickname of Kenryoku. She sighed in frustration.

At that moment, she spotted a whirlwind of Cherry Blossoms to her right.


Names in Story - Japanese Names - American Names
Suseino Hime = Mizuno Ami = Amy
Aino Hime = Aino Minako = Mina
Kaseino Hime = Hino Rei = Raye
Inazumano Hime = Kino Makoto = Lita
Serenity = Tsukino Usagi = Serena
Endymion = Chiba Mamoru = Darien
Selenity = Queen Serenity = Queen Serenity
Zoiscite = Zoiscite = Zoiscite
Nephlite = Nephlite = Nephlite
Kunzite = Kunzite = Malakite
Jaedite = Jaedite (?) = Jaedite

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Note From Author:  ^^ Gomen nasai, I have been having a lot of writer's block lately, soo..that's why my stories have been kinda short. But, you must E-MAIL me!!!!! It will help immensely, trust me.

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Part Three *To Be Added Soon!*

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