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Note From Author: I wrote this for my computer class. We had to write a short story, only about 500 words, with the use of computers in the basic plot line. Then later I had to write a story for English class so I took this original story and fixed up it some, making it the New and Improved Revised Version! Yay! And by the way, it is supposed to sound sorta cheesy. Enjoy!   ^_^;

Disclaimer: The Characters, Amy Anderson, and all of the Sailor Scouts, belong to the wonderfully-wonderful Naoko Takeuchi and the names are by DiC. However, both Purple and this story are completely mine.

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The Blue-Haired Girl and Bobo

This is a story about a girl. A blue-haired girl. A blue-haired girl and her computer in fact.

This blue-haired girl's name was Amy Anderson and she seemed just like any other teenager who attended Crossroads School, but she had a secret. She was really a Sailor Scout, fighter for Love and Justice, Sailor Mercury. She and the other Sailor Scouts; Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and of course, Sailor Moon; protected the Earth and indeed the whole universe from things like the pond-scum sucking Negaverse.

In this tale you will hear about how Amy and her trusty, compact computer save the day and perhaps the whole world! And just WHO is this Bobo?!? Amy seems to have a secret. But can she beat this new enemy?

Ah, but I do run on do I not? Let us read the story...

* * *

The bell rang. Amy Anderson darted out of the school and started running home as quickly as her legs would carry her. She wanted to get home in time to see the TV interview with the Three Lights, a very popular Idol's group. Jumping over benches, ducking under low tree limbs, and avoiding people, she neared her house.

A quick flash of her eyes to her watch told her the time, 2:55 PM. She turned the corner onto her street. If she kept up this pace, she should be home with a whole precious four minutes to spare.

Ah, she could see her house down the street, maybe thirty seconds before she would burst through the front door and dive unto the couch in front of the television.

Unfortunately, before our friend Amy had reached her own house, a big ball of black energy zoomed at her, and only by sheer luck was she able to dodge it. She quickly turned around to see the source of the attack.

Before her stood a tall, purple-haired woman dressed in a grey dress. An evil smile played upon her face, and between her hands she tossed another ball of dark power. "Hello," her voice was deep and rich, but had a cold chill to it, "nice to meet you." This was said in an all too sarcastic tone and was followed by a rather horrid, little giggle. "I'm Purple and you are Amy Anderson..." she paused for dramatic effect, "or should say, Sailor Mercury?"

"Wha...Wha...How did you know that?" cried out the alarmed and surprised Amy.

"I know all about you and the other Sailor Scouts! I know where each one of them lives, and if you want them to stay alive, you better give me all of your powers now like a good girl...or die!" She laughed again as she threw the ball of energy back and forth between her hands. The ball looked as though it was getting increasingly larger and more powerful.

Amy knew that even if she gave up her powers without a fight the enemy would still go after her friends, so fight she would. "Mercury Star Power!" Amy held up her transformation pen as she yelled out the words. Suddenly she was surrounded by watery ribbons which curved and wrapped around her. When the water subsided, there stood no longer simple Amy Anderson of Crossroads School, but the champion for all that is good, Sailor Mercury!

"Nega-trash! You're trying to steal something that doesn't belong to you, and that's something I cannot forgive!" Mercury performed the regular stances and gestures that were one of the trademarks of being a Sailor Scout. "In the name of my guardian planet, Mercury, I will send the waves crashing down upon you! Prepare to be washed away you Purple-Haired Freak! Shine Aqua....ILLUSION!" A wave of water flew at Purple, but, instead of smashing her to bits, it was absorbed by some sort of invisible protective shield that surround Purple.

"Ha! You'll have to do better than that Sailor Skimp!" Purple giggled as she held the ever stranger growing power ball between her hands. "That little attack of yours gave me a nice energy boost. Just for that I'll let you have one more pathetic chance before I take your powers!" and, yet again, she laughed that annoying laugh of hers.

Mercury stood dumbfounded when her attack had no effect on Purple. ''Huh!?!?! Why didn't it work??' thought the Sailor Scout to herself. She then twisted the small, blue earring in her right ear. Instantly after she turned it her visor and small, handheld computer appeared. She she switched them on and began to type vigorously. 'Surely,' she thought to herself, ' there must be a weakness in her defenses...' As she thought this she opened her Enemy Scanner Software with a click of an enter key and a well placed curser. She had the computer scan Purple, picking up on the placement of the shield and it and Purple's own weaknesses. Blips and bleeps came from her computer as many little figures showed up on Mercury's visor. With Mercury's highly acute computer skills this all took only a few moments.

Slowly a grin spread onto Sailor Mercury's face. "Ah ha! Thanks to my trusty computer I was able to figure out your defenses Grey-Clad Creep! Take this! Creeping Water...VINES," then she whispered so that Purple couldn't hear her, "Sneak Attack."

Purple, who was busy watching Mercury, didn't see the small tendrils of water that were sneaking up behind her and sliding right underneath her shield. Having seen no attack Purple began to giggle. "HA! Looks like that attack was a D-U-D, dud! Now...for my turn! Mwwwwaaaaahhhaaahhhaaaa!" She didn't begin her attack yet though, because she was too caught up in her own infernal laughing. During the laughter Mercury wondered offhandedly if perhaps Purple was Emerald's cousin or something.

Purple's laughter was cut short as the Water Vines reached her and grabbed her legs. They pulled her down and wrapped around her. Screeching was heard from within the watery cocoon. After a few moments the screeching stopped and the water disappeared into the ground, leaving only a damp spot where it had been. Not a sign of Purple.

Sailor Mercury grinned and looked down thoughtfully to her computer. "Thanks to you I was able to save the day. Thank you my dearest friend, Bobo..."

Just then all of the other Sailor Scouts ran up to the scene. "We heard the fight and..." Sailor Moon cut herself off and looked to Mercury. "Who's Bobo?!"

Mercury just smiled to herself. " one..." She powered down and glanced to her watch with a gasp. Like a bolt of lightening she shot into her house, leaving the others there with confused looks on their faces. Amy scrambled into the TV room and turned on the television, just in time for the Three Lights interview.

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