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Disclaimer: I’m sorry! EM-baka-chan doesn’t own Bishoujo Senshi Sera Munn, so boo-hoo. I can say that Sailor Moon and all stuff related belongs to the very talented Miss. Naoko Takeuchi! And Kodansha Ltd., and Toei and am I done yet or do I have to do the stupid dubbed version too? Fiiiiiiine, DiC, Pioneer and those other peoples have the rights to the American Version. Have I made you happy yet? =P But, all the weird made-up characters are mine! Yes, miiiine, so don’t touch without asking me at
If ya wanna use any of my characters in your story or you wanna draw them, go ahead! I don’t care! Take credit for them while you’re at it, then you can drop an anchor on my toe! Actually, JUST ASK TO USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!…please?

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Tuskino Tenshi
(translation: Angels of the Moon)

~ ~ Chapter One ~ ~

Reikon Miko rushed through the café kitchen shouting out orders. ‘’Two sushi dinners to table five and make a snap out of it, don’t bother to cook the fish!’’ She yelled.

Two of the chefs looked at each other with worried looks. ‘’Did we ever cook the sushi before?’’ One chef asked. The other shrugged and shook his head.

‘’You two over there!’’ Reikon screeched. ‘’Get to work and you’ll make it out of here on time!’’ The bell on the door clinked, signaling yet another customer at the booming Sushi Hut. Reikon gave a great sigh of exhaustion, then rushed out to the service counter, forcing a tired smile. ‘’Welcome to the Sushi Hut, where we promise your fish is always raw or it’s on us, literally!’’ Reikon recited, sounding rather bored after the 980970875045705740570475709 time having to say it in one day.

‘’Just a minute,’’ The blond customer said, then dunked down and opened her bag. ‘’Konaie! Did you find anything yet?’’ Usagi asked the small cat rabbit…or whatever she is. Konaie shook her head, flapping her ears. ‘’Konaie got energy reading, but that’s it.’’ She said rather loudly.

Reikon stood on her tippy-toes and looked over the counter down at Usagi. ‘’Excuse me, Miss, but can I take your order?’’ She asked, rather short-tempered now.

‘’Uh…could you repeat that lovely motto once more?’’ Usagi asked. Reikon sighed loudly and started to repeat the motto. Usagi looked back down at Konaie, whom suddenly looked very excited. ‘’Konaie found one! Follow!’’ Konaie jumped out of the bag and began running out of the Sushi Hut, with Usagi following.

Reikon finally finished her motto, then she looked down where Usagi was. ‘’Hello?’’ She asked, then turned very red. ‘’)(&^%@#%^&(_)!!!!!!!’’ Reikon screamed. Everyone in the Sushi Hut suddenly stopped and looked at her, wide eyes and mouths open. ‘’Uhm…’’ Reikon shuffled off to the kitchen and everyone in the Hut went back to eating.

Usagi and Konaie ran through the park. ‘’Are we there yet?’’ Usagi asked. Konaie ignored her and continued running. ‘’I’ve got a…cramp!’’ Usagi tripped over a twig and landed flat on her face, but Konaie kept running. Usagi laid on her face for a moment, then she rolled over and looked at the sky. Suddenly, an insane laughing interrupted the silence. She darted up and looked around. A glimpse of an old-lady waving fish in the air brought her to her feet. ‘’What the heck?!’’ Usagi cursed loudly.

The old-lady waved the fish in a circle pattern, and an image of Kousagi appeared. The old-lady then pointed at Usagi and shouted something in a different language…or was it jibberish? Usagi couldn’t tell, but we’re just going to be safe and say it was jibberish.

Usagi narrowed her eyes and stared at the old-lady waving fish in the air and yelling the ABCs in jibberish…or something like that. ‘’Well, she’s not well.’’ Usagi mumbled, then looked down and saw Konaie. ‘’AcK! What are you doing here?! Didn’t you run over there???’’ Usagi asked.

‘’I had to come back and get you.’’ Konaie sighed.

‘’Didn’t you speak in third person?’’ Usagi asked.

‘’I DID, but how come I can’t speak in FOURTH PERSON???! !!??? OR AM I THE ONLY SANE ANIMAL IN THIS STORY!!!!!!!!’’ Konaie screeched.

‘’What’s fourth person?’’ Usagi asked.

Konaie paused. ‘’Like I said…Konaie off and I’m on.’’

‘’So, that was two and a half person, right?’’ Usagi asked.

The old-lady screamed out some more unknown words, then threw a couple of fish to the ground, then she knelt down and started shouting.

‘’Uhm…’’ Konaie started.

‘’Don’t ask.’’ Usagi said.

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