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Note From Author: Hey! I'm glad somebody wanted to read this fan fic. This was rated as one of my good one's among my friend's so please take the time and read it till the end, you might find it interesting. I am NOT pressuring you people! So anywayz, there is a continuing story after this one and i will send it to you if you want it, you can get the information at the end of this story. And i would like to thank a brilliant author Lianne Sentar whose works are absolutely amazing and i suggest that you read every single one of them! You rule Lianne! And i hope you have a fun time reading this!

Disclaimer: I don't own the sailor moon characters, so...yeah, just wanted to say that they belong to the brilliant Naoki. I do however own, a lot of the characters in this story. (smile) Anyway, have fun!

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Broken Hearts- Part One

Rated: PG

Once a long time ago, to be exact a 1000 years ago, there was kingdom on the moon. It was ruled by a beautiful queen named Queen Serenity who had two daughters. The youngest was the kindest person known to the human beings. She was gentle with everybody and never did any wrongs. Her name was Princess Serena. Serena had taken her extreme beauty from her mother. Her golden hair was sweeping the floor as she gracefully walked across the rooms of the beautiful moon palace. Her blue eyes were like two lakes and anyone who would look into them would drown in their deepness and sincerity. However, the second princess-Serena's older sister, was the opposite of her.

Princess Serita, the heir to the moon throne was as beautiful as her younger sister. However, her beauty was not inherited from her mother- the Queen, but from her grandmother. She had beautiful green eyes and black as night hair. All of that hid a very unique individual. You see, as a princess and heir to the moon throne, Serita was expected to become a serious and gentle girl, just like Serena who came along a few years later.

However, Serita was the exact opposite. She loved battles, fights...whatever had slaughter in it. She was always in a fight as a child, always protecting the innocent and fighting against evil. Even in the earlier years of her life, when her father was still alive, Serita was often taken out to battle to show her incredible power. Though not yet reached her full potential as a warrior, Serita was the strongest warrior known in the history of the moon. Her power was so incredible that it could have been easier compared to the Imperium Silver Crystal- the ultimate weapon of the moon. Since the princess was still young, the queen invented a method to control her daughter's powers. She could order them around as though they were her own. That was done for the benefit of the moon and the princess. However, as the princess grew the method was rarely used.

As Serita grew up, her fights had won her a name which she considred a great honor-The Black Warrior. She was known as such across the galaxy and a planet shivered when it heard the mention of the name. Yes, the princess's name built fear into the bravest hearts of all.

Serena was very powerful as well. But her powers were little comparing to those of her sister's. However, Serena was never jealous of it and loved her sister the most. As i have mentioned, the two sisters were nothing alike, but as the old saying goes 'opposites attract', it happened in this case as well. Serena and Serita were best friends. Until a girl named Ena came along. She was found outside the moon palace and claiming that she had just escaped from the Earth (then known as the enemy), she was recieved with proper manners at the palace. The Queen herself, named Ena one of Serita's ladies in waiting.

Each princess had a court, Ena was added into Serita's, where Sailor Love, Sailor Justice and Sailor Fight were already stationed. Together they were called the Senshi of Honor. They were all very good friends and considered Serita not just their princess but a part of their family.

The same was in Serena's court, which consisted of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter. The four sailor did not have a name for the group and were called the Imperium Sailor Scouts. All of them were good friends as well, except for Serena and princess Mars, they were constantly bickering.

At Ena's appearance everything changed. She became Serita's best friend and started taking her away from her court and her sister. She would spend days with Ena and never even talk to her family and friends. Needless to say, Serita grew attached to the girl. It didn't mean that she was not longer interested in her little sister, not at all! It's just that Ena was her age and it was more suiting for Serita to talk to somebody who was her age and could understand her.

However, Serita wasn't the only one who got a new friend. Once the Queen was visiting the Earth for negotiations, she took Serena with her, so the young princess could have a little experience in the area. Soon the Earth's royal family met with the Queen and her daughter. Serenity wanted her daughter to be amazed by the customs and the manners of the people on Earth and realize that they are not very different from them, but Serena found something else to be amazed at. Prince Darrien. The oldest son of the Earth king. That was a sight to be seen, especially when the ball in the moon family's honor started, Serena and Darrien couldn't take their eyes off each other. Darrien was so impressed by the beautiful princess in front of him that he immidieatly fell in love with her, and the same could be said about Serena. However their hopes were broken when the Queen and the King declared war. While each was waiting for the other, to start the first battle, Serena and Darrien were secretly meeting every day. They had grown so much together that they could no longer wait for their parents' approval of their marriage. And that's when the war began. Not betweeen the Earth and the moon but between the two kingdoms who were trying to fight against the evil Queen Beryl. Beryl's evil forces have striken and even the Queen had trouble fighting her back. Combined they would have probably defeated the enemy, but the royal families were too proud to apologize.

Serita was put as the general of the moon's army, since the real one was killed in the first battle. Tons of responsibility fell on her young and inexperienced shoulders. However, she always had a good friend to come and tell all her troubles to. Ena...her one friend that understood everything. Serita told her everything, everything she knew to be true.

However, the tragedies didn't stop at that. Serita was known to disappear in the night for no apparent reason. At the same time, attacks on several neighboring kingdoms were reported. The moon populations was worried...

What if the moon was next? But the most disturbing part of the reports was that the kingdoms were attacked with the force that was never seen in battle before. It was so strong that the planets that were victims, were barely remaining in one piece. Their climate has increased drastically as though the planet was about to blow up. The Queen's neighboring friends had asked her to take their people to the moon, at least for a while. Serenity agreed. But there had to be a stop to the attacks. So Serenity ordered the sailor scouts to find the great enemy. The facts that were gathered were as follows:

* every single attack appeared to be for Beryl's benefit.

* Princess Serita was not seen on either of the nights of the attack.

* When questioned, her highness declared that she was not aware of her location at the time.

Everything pointed to Serita and the people started rebelling against the royal family on the basis of betrayal. The Queen had no choice, so Serita was arrested and put into a palace surrounded by a shield as the investigation proceeded. The sailors couldn't wait to blame everything on the oldest princess. Their dislike of her and her dislike of them was known everywhere. But the sailors would never accuse anyone of destroying planets without real facts proving it. So the people believed and blamed the princess.

However the Sailors of Honor did not give up. Against the Queen's orders they proceeded with their own investigation, not telling anybody about it. Soon Serita's court found some interesting facts as well. They had the person that was to blame, but they couldn't prove anything...unless, Princess Mars would use her mind reading powers. The Martian princess was known for her mind reading and Sailors of Honor had to turn to her if they wanted to save their princess. Sailor Mars agreed and soon the sailors (both courts) had the evidence they needed against Ena. It was presented to the Queen and Ena was arrested. When questioned, it was proven of her communication with the enemy- Beryl. Serita foolishly told her everything...even the secret of controlling her powers, that was what Ena came to the moon for. To get the secret to control the great Black Warrior. That was how Beryl could control Serita and blow up all of those planets surrounding the moon- her main target. Serita was proven innocent and was released. At the same time a ball was given in the honor of her release.

In war time a ball is not a small thing. It was the first one after the beggining of the war and the moon people waited impatiently for it.

The Queen considered it unneccesary to inform Serita about Ena's arrest, so it remained a secret. It was for a simple reason...Serita would kill a traitor, even if it was her own family. And she would obviously kill Ena too, which wasn't such a bad idea, but Serenity needed the information from her about the enemy so Ena was needed alive.

However, during the ball Ena escaped the guards who were questioning her in the dungeon, and storming through several rooms of the moon palace she suddenly entered one full of people in beautiful dresses and costumes. The ballroom...Everything went quiet, as Ena started making her way toward the huge door. None dared to touch her, to reveal to Serita that she was guilty of something. Only the Queen, realizing that Serita was not currently in the room, stood up and said: 'What are you doing here? How dare you to even come in here? Go back to the guards before i will crush you like the snake you are!'

'I'm not afraid of you! I did what i was trained to do all my life...LIE! You and your pathetic kingdom will be destroyed by your daughter's hand! How would you like that? Huh?'

'There you are, i was looking all over the palace for you.' Ena's face flashed with a vicious smile

'You didn't tell her?' she faced Serenity. The Queen turned pale and as though feeling guilty she lowered her head.

'Tell me what?' asked Serita wondering about the room cluelessly. She didn't understand why people looked at her with such though they were feeling sorry for her. 'Tell me what mother?'Serita's question was more determined this time and Serenity raising her head answered:

'My daughter...what i am about to tell must not take any action...'

'What is it?'

'Ena is the one responsible for your attacks on the neighboring kingdoms. She had stolen the secret of your powers and gave it to Beryl. She is a spy for the enemy, Serita. She stole the secret way and...'

'She didn't steal it...'Serita said quietly. Everyone knew that it was just a slight breeze before the hurricane. Serena who standing behind her sister with her eyes full of tears, saw how Serita shed a few of her own. Serena didn't cry because of the fact that they were doomed, but because of the pain that was being caused to her sister.

'What?' wondered Serenity.

'She didn't steal it...'repeated Serita. Moments later she raised her head, looking straight at Ena with her eyes full of tears and her voice shaking she added: 'I gave it to her...'

'Well, that was pretty stupid wasn't it?' sarcastically answered Ena. She obviously didn't care for life.

'Yes, it was...' Everyone knew what was going to happen now. So mothers closed the eyes of their children and looked away themselves.

'Serita, don't!' shouted Serenity, but it was too late. Raising her head, Serita crossed her arms as lightening hit Ena. A tear fell from Serita's cheek while Ena's body was turning into ashes. With a scream Ena was gone. Serena looked away at the terrible sight, of the suffering in flames Ena. However, the girl was a traitor and she had to be destroyed before she delivered any other information to Beryl. That was how Ena died...but her death did not correct the mistake that she made by giving Beryl the secret of Serita's powers. Beryl could still control the princess and she could still use her powers to destroy her kingdom...the moon. Realizing all this Serita could no more hold in her tears, but she couldn't show the people that she was crying over a traitor,...even though that traitor was her best friend. The princess turned around and ran away.

'Serita!' sobbed Serena, but she couldn't stop her sister. She was about to follow her.

'Serena...' said Serenity...'leave her...she needs time.' Serena obeyed. She wiped off the tears on her cheeks and joined her mother at the throne. The ball continued as though nothing interrupted it...because noone knew what was going on in the heart of the moon general.

Serita was sitting in the garden under the tree, where she used to play with Serena when they were little and later on where she used to tell Ena her deapest secrets. That was the place where she told her everything...that was the place where she made a terrible mistake, that would cost her her future.

Realizing that Beryl could strike using her powers any day and that if she wants to protect her family and her kingdom...she will have to get away from Beryl's control...find someplace where she can't find her...somewhere the thought of leaving her kingdom, her mother...Serena ...that was more then Serita could bare. She could kill herself, but she needed to someday come back and help Serena, but for now she had to leave...the sooner the better. So Serita called her court-The Sailors of Honor and told them of the situation, she said that she will go to the future...there Beryl has no control. The senshi said that they will accompany the princess in her journey and her further adventures. Serita ordered them to stand down and stay here, to protect the princess and the queen.

'You ARE the princess, my lady...and we were sworn to protect you, that is why whatever you say can never make us stay. We are not princesses of different planets like the Sailor scouts. We are mere soldiers...our lives are not important, but yours is...and we will never leave your side.' said Sailor Justice. After that Serita gave up and decided that they will depart to the Gate of Time at midnight, so nobody will see them. She told them to keep everything a secret; the court agreed.

Now there was the painful part...saying good bye to her family. She couldn't tell them that she was going away because they would have done everything in their power to stop her...especially Serena. Thinking of how can she part with her sister, Serita walked around the palace, then she headed into the garden where she found her little sister. Serena was sleeping in the same place where just a few hours ago Serita made the hardest decision of her life. Coming up to her, Serita looked at her angel like features. Needless to say Serena was beautiful and Darrien would have been a fool not to have fallen in love with her (Serita knew everything about the romance). But how could she say good bye to this angel...tell her that she will never see her can she tell her that she is going away? That she will have no sister? That she is the heir to the throne now? That the Serita she knew is dead?...Serita didn't know the answers to the so many questions that were trying to tear up her mind. Suddenly, she caught sight of the necklace that she was wearing. It was the royal necklace in a shape of a moon...whoever wore it was the heir to the moon throne. Serita gently took it off and placed it in Serena's lap. But that wasn't enough...she wanted to say something to her...get a last hug...a last kiss...


With her eyes closed and half asleep Serena answered: 'Ye...' Serita smiled.

'If I would ever have to go away...would you still love me...even though I won't be there to help you or play with you...would you still love me?'

'Of course..'mumbled Serena 'I'll always love you Serita...' Tears started sliding down the Black Warrior's cheeks, she tried to keep her sobs in and after a minute when it was obvious that Serena went back to sleeping Serita added:

'And I will always love you...Serena...' She could no longer look at her so kissing Serena on the forehead, Serita turned away and ran into the palace. I would like to point out that Serita never wore the clothes that she was supposed to wear- princess clothes. Dresses, make-up and all that feminine stuff was not for the Black Warrior. Her everyday outfit (fighting outfit) consisted of a short black skirt, high heel boots, black gloves and a black top. This outfit was considered very vulgar on the moon, but then again Serita couldn't very well fight in her princess she got clothes that were matching with her nickname. Plus she gave a damn about what people think of her.

Serita and her court, left exactly at midnight and headed for the Gate of Time where Sailor Pluto waited for them. The guardian already knew of their plan and had prepared the necessary things that they will need in the future. As the senshi were one by one entering the gate, Serita turned around and took a last look at her planet...the she wanted to go back hug Serena and spend the rest of her life just like it was before...she wanted to be as happy as she used to be...but then she remembered that if she'll stay, her people will never know happiness...they will be destroyed by her...their princess. With this thought Serita turned around and jumped into the empty space of the Gate of Time. Pluto closed the gate behind her princess.

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Part One - Section Two

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