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Note From Author: Hey! I'm glad somebody wanted to read this fan fic. This was rated as one of my good one's among my friend's so please take the time and read it till the end, you might find it interesting. I am NOT pressuring you people! So anywayz, there is a continuing story after this one and i will send it to you if you want it, you can get the information at the end of this story. And i would like to thank a brilliant author Lianne Sentar whose works are absolutely amazing and i suggest that you read every single one of them! You rule Lianne! And i hope you have a fun time reading this!

Disclaimer: I don't own the sailor moon characters, so...yeah, just wanted to say that they belong to the brilliant Naoki. I do however own, a lot of the characters in this story. (smile) Anyway, have fun!

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Broken Hearts- Part One - Section Two

Rated: PG

Serena woke up. She yawned and realizing that she slept through the entire night in the garden, she quickly stood up and suddenly something fell from her lap. She looked down...the royal necklace...but...And then it hit her...she remembered the late conversation that she had with her sister, quickly analyzing everything she realized that Serita was gone. She ran into the palace carrying the precious necklace. Without stopping for a breath she flew up the stairs into the wing where Serita's cuarters were located. Running through the empty corridor, making a terrible noise with her high heels, hearing snores coming from different directions, Serena felt so alone...her sister left, and there were no more real friends. She finally got to the crystal doors, she pushed with all of the strength that she had left. Behind her she could already hear noises and footsteps coming her way, but she didn't care...she had to open the door. Finally it opened and revealed an empty bedroom of the warrior princess...Serita. Serena couldn't breath.

Sailor Jupiter ran into the room. The first thing she saw was the unconscious body of her princess, besides that...emptiness. Jupiter quickly understood what was going on and putting the princess over her shoulder she closed the doors and headed to find the other soldiers. Pretty soon the moon was aware of the sacrifice that their princess made for her people.

Serena walked into the throne room, where her mother was crying. The rest of her court and the rest of the moon high society were already there. Serena had just recovered from her unconciocenes and decided to explain everything to her mother in person.

The Queen looked up as soon as she heard the door open, she wiped of her last tears and stood up. Serena came up to her with the royal necklace in her hands. Serenity understood everything. She took the necklace from Serena's hands and brought it to her cheek. It was as though she could still feel the warmness of Serita's body on though she was just holding it a second though she is still holding and will hold it forever. A few tears dropped on the crystal surface of the gem in the necklace. Serenity put herself together and announced:

'Ladies and gentlemen...Princess Seritany is gone, she sacrificed her future for our cause. Leaving this necklace behind she let me know that she is no longer the candidate for the moon throne, so i give you your new heir...Princess future Queen!' Serenity put the necklace on Serena's thin neck. There was no joy in this ceremony...why should there be? She was wearing the thing that belonged to her sister...not to her. As people congratulated Serena she became sadder by the minute. Serenity knew exactly how her daughter felt.

But to Serena's surprise Darrien and the Earth King were there. The Earth and the moon had finally decided to join forces, so the rulers of the Earth went to the moon to meet with the queen and give her their condolences in regard to her daughters disappearance. Darien knew Serita well, since she was always the one who helped with their secret meetings on Earth or on the Moon. If anything ever went wrong, Serita would take the blame for it and every time she did Darrien's respect and family love for her grew stronger and stronger. And now that she was gone, he too could understand the terrible feeling that was torturing Serena. However, there was no time for that since the Queen (even though in no mood) decided to give a ball in the honor of the Earth King and prince who had finally decided to join them in battle. Now victory was guaranteed. Darrien asked Serena for a last dance before he would go off into war against Beryl.

It was what Serena always wanted...being there...on the moon, with Darrien...her love, not having their parents object to it. Everything seemed so perfect...but it wasn't. Serita was no longer a part of that perfect picture and that broke their hearts.

'Serenity...' whispered Darrien.

'Endymon...' she looked up. Her blue eyes met his one's. In the corner of his eyes she could see a little tear.

'Oh, Darrien...' Serena put her head against his shoulder as they danced their last dance....

That was when the evil queen attacked. Luna and Artemis- the two guardian cats, ran through the ballroom shouting that Beryl is attacking. The army was not ready and soon most of the moon's defenses were destroyed. The Earth army was blasted back while trying to help the moon. Finally Beryl herself appeared. Serenity was standing in front of the palace looking at the battle. Her people were dying...

'It's you turn Serenity...' growled Beryl. She shot at the queen but the Earth King jumped in front of Serenity, thus shielding her and dying in her place.

"FATHER!!!!' shouted Darrien. He tried to reach him in time but couldn't. The King fell onto Serenity's lap.

'Why?...' sobbed Serenity.

'You know why...' answered the King and died.

'NO!!!!' shouted Serenity...'My love...noooooo....' Beryl smiled as though she just did something wonderfully pleasant. She saw the young prince that was trying to get to his father. Seeing how handsome he was, Beryl could not be indifferent. She knew who the boy was.

'Prince Darrien!'

Darrien's angered face turned toward her.

'Join me...'said Beryl. 'and I will give you anything you want!'

Darrien created a vague smile. 'What I want is for you to suffer for the rest of your LIFE!!!!!' he shouted so loud that Beryl understood that he was serious. The anger in his eyes could not have been mistaken for anything else.

'All right...then say your good byes to your little princess over there.'

Serenity was sobbing over the King's body as Beryl aimed for the moon princess- Serena. She shot at her and would have killed her but Darrien jumped in front of Serena. The same way his father did a few moments ago to save someone he loved. Serena gasped as Darrien fell down.

'NOOOO!!!! Darrien!'

She fell down near the body of her lover and bringing him up to her chest said: 'Darrien....noo....please don't leave can't...'

'I love you....Meatball head...' with these words Prince Darrien died.

'NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!' sobs racked Serena's body. Where was Serita now when she needed her the most? Where was she? But that was not the thought that was going through Serena's mind. Serenity brought her head up from the dead body of the Earth King, to see her daughter quickly grab Darrien's knife.

'Serena, DON'T!!!!!!!' but is was too late, Serena pierced the knife through her chest, falling on top of Darien she whispered: 'I'm sorry...'

Serenity could not believe her eyes. Her daughter was dead and so was her beloved. She never did get the chance to tell him how much she loved him and how she was wrong when 30 years ago she refused to marry him on the basis of not wanting to unite the two kingdoms.

'How ironic...'said Beryl. 'Father and son die for the same I am disgusted. You knew I was right Serenity when I told you 30 years ago that love just hurts people! Now you know how much pain i went through when my only love pledged his entire soul to YOU!...'Beryl added a disgusted look on the last word. 'That day i swore that i will kill you. And here i am, standing above you waiting for the right moment to end your misery. By the way as soon as i am done with you, i'll make sure that your first daughter doesn't get away....the moon family will be WIPED OUT!!!!!!HA HAHA HA HA!!!' evil laughter shook the emptiness of outer space.

The Queen left her lover's body and ran toward Serena's. But the princess was already dead. Serenity didn't blame her. She knew how much she loved Darrien and felt guilty that because of a stupid dispute with the Earth King she couldn't let her daughter meet with the man she loved. But it was all too late. Beryl laughed as loud as she could. She was made of pure evil...negaforces were running through her veins and her eyes filled with red...with blood. The sailor scouts were falling down one by one, trying to save their kingdom, to protect what was left of the royal family.

Serenity could no longer stand this. There was one way to save the one's she loved and it would cost her her life, but she didn't care. She didn't care for anything anymore...just for saving them she would have given her soul away. Fortunately, the answer required only her life.

One of the tears slid down her cheek and froze in the air. 'Imperium Silver Crystal!' shouted Serenity. The tear turned into a small gem...a crystal. The legendary weapon of the moon. Serenity inserted the gem into the Moon Wand and raised it above her.

'Your magesty! Wait!' shouted Luna and Artemis, the two guardian cats. Serenity put down the wand.

'Luna! Artemis! I thought the blast got you!'

'We barely escaped. But where is the princess?'

Serenity lowered her head in the direction of Darrien's and Serena's bodies. Luna gasped and turned away as Artemis shielded her from the terrible sight of the dead princess.

'The princess is dead...' whispered Serenity.'Luna and Artemis, you have been my friends for the longest time. I need you to do something for me. I will trap the enemy in the light of the crystal and send the crystal to Earth in the future. Princess Serena, Prince Darrien and the Sailor Scouts will travel to the Earth with the enemy. After a thousand years all of them will be reborn on Earth with no memory of the moon kingdom whatsoever. I need YOU two to guide them to the past and show them who they were and what are they up agaisnt. You will unite the sailors and defeat Beryl once more. That is the only way i can make this work...'

'Serenity!' shouted Beryl. 'Prepared to go down with your little Serena and your beloved?' Serenity looked up and grasped the moon wand harder not showing it to Beryl. You see, there was a huge blast in the palace, exactly in the place where the crystal was usually kept. So obviously Beryl thought it to be destroyed or else she would have never dared to attack. But Serenity took it out to name Serena the heir to the moon throne, so basically Serena's becoming the future queen saved the crystal.

The Queen knew that she can defeat Beryl and Beryl had no idea what was coming.

'I am as prepared as you are!'

'Well that's too bad...DIE, MOON QUEEN!!!!!!' Beryl shot at Serenity. Quickly taking out the Crystal Serenity shouted: 'Cosmic Moon POWER!!!!' Black light met the undefeated white. 'NO!!!! It's can't be! NOOOOOOO!!' shouted Beryl. She finally realized the terrible mistake that she had done. Serenity shouted: 'For my daughters! For my love! For my kingdom!' A huge burst of pink light....and then quiet.

'Your majesty?' Luna scratched off the silver hair off Serenity's forehead. The Queen opened her eyes. In her hands was the Imperium Silver Crystal. She looked into Luna's eyes, as the cat nodded.

'We'll do it...'said Luna.

'Thank you...' whispered Serenity. She raised the hand in which she had the crystal and said: 'Silver Crystal, use your powers once more and deliver my daughter, her court and her beloved to Earth.' than turning to Luna added, 'Make sure that the princess doesn't know anything about this when she awakens. She needs to remember everything by herself. But you have to unite the sailors so that they can defeat Beryl who is also trapped in the crytal and will be reborn as well- i have no power over that. All i want is for my daughter to be happy...'

'She will be,' answered Luna. They were put into a capsule and attached to the crystal. Serenity watched the gem become smaller and smaller as it drafted away from her. She was now all alone on a planet with no kingdom. She looked at the crystal and remembered Serena's laugh:

'Good bye, Serena. Be happy...i hope we'll meet again...' with these words Serenity died surrounded by pieces of her kingdom. It was over....all over.....


Serita knew nothing about the fight. She was now in the future. But it was not the same Serita, that defended with justice. This was a Serita that defended innocent with vengeance. She killed everything that was in her way as though expressing her sadness and grief over leaving her loved once, in battle. She chopped off heads and killed people without even giving them a trial. She became an executioner. Her motto used to be 'I fight with justise for justice!' now it was 'I fight with vengeance to destroy those who try to stop me in my path!' There was no more Princess Serita...there was only the Black Warrior and her broken heart.......

To be continued...

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