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Note From Author: A few felt it bad that Serenity and Endymion died so this is the continuing of the story. Don't worry, they don't die. :o) I wanna say thanks to Amanda Grumet, and Embyrbil for e-mailing me and telling me what they think.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon and I don't own the story Swan Lake. The book I have on Swan Lake is by Margot Fonteyn. Please, please e-mail me! I only got like 6 people to e-mail me for 3 months so please e-mail me! Also, check out my site at The Moon Goddess

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Swan Lake - Part Two

Rated: G

By that brave act of love, the spell was broken and Diamond and Beryl were no more. The senshi wept for the loss of their princess and her beloved prince. Slowly, the moon disappeared and the sun took its place.

"The spell is broken." gasped Mercury.

"The Princess died since she couldn't bear seeing Endymion with Beryl. "Mars replied.

"While he losing Serenity." weeped Jupiter.

"What they did was the act of love." Venus sadly added.

Four grieving men went beside the weeping women as they all watched the lake which took two lives.


Endymion searched for Serenity in the dark, cold, waters but saw nothing. As he reached the bottom of the lake, he could barely see something white and yellow. Running out of air, he quickly grabbed Serenity and raced up to the top of the lake. The senshi and his gaurds were all surprised to see them both alive.

As he looked towards Serenity, she was coughing and shivering. Everyone was happy knowing both of them survived. Once he found out Diamond and Beryl were gone, he too had a smile on his face. Since all were tired, they headed towards the palace.


Queen Gaia heard the news that Serenity has come back with Endymion. She quickly ordered everyone to get ready for the huge wedding that was to be held that very same day.

Meanwhile, Serenity and Endymion were out in the gardens looking at the beautiful rose bushes. Endymion carefully pluck a white rose and removed its thorns as he placed it behind Serenity's ear. She just giggled. They slowly walked towards a fountain. "Make a wish and it will come true." whispered Endymion. Serenity looked at the huge fountain and made a wish. "What did you wish for?"

"I can not tell you are my wish will not come true."

Endymion kissed her on her cheek.

"We must get ready for the wedding." They both ran off to get ready.


Serenity wore a beautiful, white, wedding gown. When everyone saw her, they all were shocked at her beauty. Endymion couldn't believe that this was the woman he was to marry. As they both said "I do." They kissed and lived happily ever after.

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Note From Author: I'm sorry the ending wasn't exciting but I really didn't have any ideas so that's why. E-mail me on what you think at

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