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Note From Author: Hehe, this one has a rather surprise ending which tends to confuzzle people somewhat. I hope you all understand it and like it. Don't flame me too bad!

Disclaimer: All of the characters in this story belong to the wonderfully-wonderful Naoko Takeuchi and the names are by DiC; however, this story is completely mine.

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Midnight Tolls

Sometimes one will wish so much for what
she wants, but she shall never get, that a latent
wish is born. One which not even she knows
of, till, unlike the original wish, it comes true.

In the form of her love it comes, and then leaves
with her. Her screams echoing hollowly, like the
harsh tolling of Midnight.

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Part Two - Sweetest Laughter

She watched him from out of the corner of her eye. He was sitting a few booths down from her and so far she hadn't been noticed. He was in the restaurant with Serena and seeminly something funny had been said which caused them to laugh. How she loved the sound of his laugh. So sweet, caring, and just wonderfully toned. It wasn't a big, jolley laugh like you'd expect from Santa, but neither was it a short, cold laugh from some uncaring person. She didn't know anyone else who laughed quite like him. His laugh was completely his own.

Though she cherished the sound of his happy laughter, it was mixed with Serena's infernal giggling. Hearing them together like that sent shivers down her spine and a sharp pain in her heart. But she wouldn't leave this place yet. She longed too much to hear him to let a chance like this slip by.

She glanced to the newspaper she held in front of her, not really even reading it, hiding her face from Darien if he happened to glance her way. He and she knew eachother. She had known him longer than he knew her though. She had first seen him years back on the street. He had been talking to someone and had smiled. That smile had struck her down, had actually caused her to have to sit down on a bench so she could regain her breath which she lost due to the shock of seeing such a smile.

Ah, that smile. You could never forget a smile like that It was so pure and wonderful; beams of kindness seem to shoot out at you and strike you down like a thousand of Cupid's sweet arrows. It could put you into a trance, his smile.

After she had regained herself she followed silently after him. He lead her to his apartment building. She memorized the address and walked on by, not taking the risk of being noticed by him. After that she would always find excuses to go by his house, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. She had even on one occasion been able to exchange a few words with him. That is when she found out his name, and had first heard his voice.

Just like everything else about him she loved his voice. So gentle, caring, yet tough and independent. It was smooth as silk and as pleasing to the ears as the best music ever written and played. She could just listen to his voice for hours on end.

Those random meetings went on for about a year or more. And you can imagine the suprise she got when it turned out that the mysterious and charming Tuxedo Mask was him. And even more the surpirse when it turned out that he was destined to forever be with Serena. Yet, that wasn't as much of a surprise as a blow to the heart. A harshly cruel blow to the heart. When everyone had found that out she could feel her heart crumble into tiny pieces, all hopes of a happy future crash. It was the most she could do at the moment to keep from falling down and crying like Serena herself. Serena was so lucky. She didn't think that Serena really knew just how lucky she was. Can you imagine that Serena once didn't like Darien at all? Serena was such a baby, clutz, and a ditz.

It wasn't as though she didn't like Serena. They were great friends and she'd lay down her life anytime for her. But she couldn't see the reason the Fates had for letting the one whom did not even like him get him, and then the one who had cherished him for years go away empty-handed. Even Raye had had a chance with him! It wasn't fair.

She looked up from the paper, and her thoughts, to see Darien walk out with Serena, arm about her waist. She sighed softly, and, when they were out of view, she look her leave as well.

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Part Three - Meeting of Sorts

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