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Note From Author: Hehe, this one has a rather surprise ending which tends to confuzzle people somewhat. I hope you all understand it and like it. Don't flame me too bad!

Disclaimer: All of the characters in this story belong to the wonderfully-wonderful Naoko Takeuchi and the names are by DiC; however, this story is completely mine.

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Midnight Tolls

Sometimes one will wish so much for what
she wants, but she shall never get, that a latent
wish is born. One which not even she knows
of, till, unlike the original wish, it comes true.

In the form of her love it comes, and then leaves
with her. Her screams echoing hollowly, like the
harsh tolling of Midnight.

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Part Three - Meeting of Sorts

She sat amongst her thoughts. Fallen deeply into them, helpless. Only through a fuzzy blur did she take in the rest of the group that was assembled in Raye's temple, their usual meeting place. They were talking about something that sounded like another enemy had shown up, but she wasn't sure. They were so caught up in discussing the matter that they barely noticed how she remained basically quiet and out of it. A few well places yes's and no's mumbled kept them from getting onto her.

On the outside it looked as though she was paying rapt attention to the meeting. Her beautiful eyes glanced between each of her friends as they spoke. Inside though, she was thinking about him.

As of late it had been getting harder and harder to concentrate on anything. All she could think of was his handsome face and charming manner. She was getting bad marks on school assignments and at home just sat around, not even bothering to keep up her training. She knew it was stupid to let something come between her and school, and most of all the Scouts, but this was him, not just some nameless guy she saw on the streets.

As her mind wandered she pictured how happy they could be together. They would live in a great big house and have many kids; they'd be happy. But then, like a bucket of cold water poured down her back, she was in the crystal palace where Darien and Serena would live in the future. She saw Rini. Rini, Serena and Darien's future child.

She knew that no matter how much she wished she and Darien would be together it wouldn't happen. Too much was relying upon his and Serena's future marriage. If by some miracle she was able to win Darien's heart the whole world would be in tremendous danger and eventually be destroyed. Rini would never be born. It would hurt everyone way too much and she didn't even want to think of how much it'd hurt Serena. Yes, she must sacrifice her happiness if for nothing more than her duty to the princess, but more so, for the sake of the world.

"Hello? Are you just gonna sit here all night?" Raye's voice cut through her thoughts.

Serena began to wave her hand in front of her eyes.

She blinked then put a smile onto her face, "Oh, um, I guess I spaced out a bit there eh?"

"Yeah, you were like totally out. We were leaving and noticed you still just sitting there, starting off into space," spoke Serena with a little giggle.

She stood up and looked to the four girls standing around.

Raye nodded in agreement then tilted her head slightly. "What were you thinking about that was so...absorbing?"

"Oh...uh...nothing. Just trying to think of a plan on how to beat this new enemy. Haven't thought of one yet though."

"Good idea. Let us know if you think of one. Gee," Amy glanced to her watch, "it's later that I thought, I better get going."

"Yeah, me too." She walked to the door then turned to wave good-bye. "See you all tomorrow." Another quick wave then she hurried out of the temple and to her home. She had to get there soon if she was to be able to go down to Darien's again tonight.

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Part Four - Midnight Tolls

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