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Note From Author: Hehe, this one has a rather surprise ending which tends to confuzzle people somewhat. I hope you all understand it and like it. Don't flame me too bad!

Disclaimer: All of the characters in this story belong to the wonderfully-wonderful Naoko Takeuchi and the names are by DiC; however, this story is completely mine.

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Midnight Tolls

Sometimes one will wish so much for what
she wants, but she shall never get, that a latent
wish is born. One which not even she knows
of, till, unlike the original wish, it comes true.

In the form of her love it comes, and then leaves
with her. Her screams echoing hollowly, like the
harsh tolling of Midnight.

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Part Four - Midnight Tolls

She crept quickly down the darkened streets, darting from one shadow to another. Just up the road was Darien's apartment building. From where she was she could just barely see the windows of his room. The lights were off. Good sign. In the distance she saw a far away flash of lightening. She sighed softly. It if were to rain she'd have to cut her visit short tonight. And so she made her was to the building and snuck in without a person seeing her.

She stepped silently down the hall, a small smile forming on her lips as she neared his door. Pulling a small piece of metal from her pocket, she expertly picked the lock without so much as a small noise. He hand closed upon the doorknob and slowly she turned the door and opened it just enough to let her lithe figure slip in. Quickly, but silently, she shut the door behind herself before someone could see her enter his apartment.

She stood for a moment against the door as she waited for her bright eyes to adjust to the soft darkness of the unlit room. Her eyes roved around the room, taking in various signs indicating that he was home and asleep. A dirty dish in the sink, a pair of discarded shoes, a newspaper strewn out upon the table. Yes, he was there.

And so, like so did so often, she thought about what the others would think if they found out. But she really didn't care anymore. All she cared about was him; him and her. That was all she wanted. It wasn't too much to ask of, was it not?

She made her way to the bedroom door. Another glance around the room and then she opened his door. Entering his room, she took her breath in with a soft gasp as she saw him. Oh, she handsome her was.

She was standing beside his bed, her eyes taking in his beauty, when an unexpected wave of dread sweet over her, causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand on end. A noise in the other room was heard. The creak of a door. A large flash of lightening followed by a loud blast of thunder rattled throughout the skies. Before the thunder died off the door to Darien's room flung wide open. A harsh, unnatural light hit and stung her eyes. What she saw frightened her to the core. She couldn't help it. She screamed.

Darien awoke with a start at the scream and jumped out of bed, grabbing his cane which he kept handy. His eyes looked around the room for the cause of the scream but he was nothing but the darkness of night. No strange lights were seen nor was there a storm brewing outside. He walked over to the light switch, but, before he reached it he tripped against something on the floor. He lowered a hand down to feel what it was, and his blue eyes widened in horror as he felt human hair covered in some sort of thick liquid. With a shaky hand he dropped the cane from his hand and reached up to the light switch. As the lights sprang to life he too could not keep in a scream.

On his hand was the deep crimson of blood. And there, on the floor of his room, laid Lita. She was sprawled out on the floor, her skin a deathly pale. Most of her brown hair was dyed with a deep crimson akin to his hand, her throat was slashed. He raised his eyes to a faint rustling at his door. In the doorway, for a brief moment, he saw a figure, robed in black, blood-stained scythe in hand. Before it vanished he thought he saw a flash of all too familiar blue eyes and wisps of black hair.

Faintly the tolling of midnight could be heard throughout the empty streets of Tokyo, but deaf it fell upon the ears of the damned in that room.

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The End!

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