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Note From Author: Another I wrote for my computer class. Hehe...

Disclaimer: The Characters and such belong to the wonderfully-wonderful Naoko Takeuchi. However this story is completely mine.

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Ami-chan's New 'Puter

She tilted her head to the side sharply, causing her neck to pop several times. Ah, that felt good. She swiped at her face with the back of her hand, pushing misplaced strands of blue from her eyes. There must be a way, she pondered, a way to speed up and sharpen the accuracy of this mini-computer of mine, some way to improve it.

She thought back to the other day in the park. She and the other Scouts had been fighting a new monster that had lightening fast speed, not only that, but it was invisible. It dashed here and there unseen. The only way to track it was by the trail of destruction that followed it. Ami had tried to use her computer to find it and its weaknesses, but it had been too fast for her computer. Before the software could fully process the info the dreaded beast had attacked them, nearly winning the fight. Luckily they were able to beat it off and Sailor Moon had destroyed it with her strong 'Gorgeous Meditation' attack.

Though they had won that time, Ami-chan was troubled. If her computer had processed fast enough they could have destroyed it quicker and taken a lot less damage. Next time they might not be so lucky and it would be her fault.

With a gentle twist of her hand she opened the casing of her computer with the screwdriver. She set down the tool and lifted her flashlight, shinning it into the computer's insides. Everything was so small. No modern technology could compete with this work of art she'd received from Luna when she first became a Scout. t was small and fast and extremely accurate, but it wasn't good enough. Gently she detached the CPU from the set and peered at it closely. How could she manipulate this tiny fragment of silicon to that it'd store more and work faster?

"Ah ha!" she spoke to herself aloud as she was hit with a brilliant epiphany. A light bulb would have been above her head if such things could happen. Picking up one of her computer tools she quickly made several adjustments to the various sections of the CPU and to other parts of the 'puter. That should work. She replaced the CPU and the covering to the computer then flipped on the switch. She held her breath, hoping it would work. Ah, the screen lit up, The programs are opening. It works! Now it should be able to function on an even higher level!

She wanted dearly to test it out on an enemy, but that would have to wait. They'd shop up again soon enough. Till then she thought, I think I'll go down to Crown's Arcade and play some games. Usagi and everyone else is prolly already there.

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