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Note From Author: Hello, this is my first ever attempt at writing a Fan-Fic of any sort so please be patient with me. Also I know I've probably made some horrible errors as in how a character might act or what attacks they use when. I know I've probably stolen some stuff from the show or other Sailor Moon Fan-Fics. I've watched so many shows and read so many Fan-Fics I can't be totally sure that I came up with everything I came up with, though I'm pretty sure most of it is mine. I'm using the North American names because those are the ones that I know better and are also easier for me to spell.

Disclaimer: The characters Serena, Lita, Mina, Raye, Darien, Luna, Artemis, Chad, and their corrisponding parts are not mine. I borrowed them from the wonderfully-wonderful Naoko Takeuchi and the names are by DiC. The other characters, such as Dayna, Kaedia, Nite, Bob, and Dave are completely mine.

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"Darien! Is that you?!?!" screeched Serena as she pulled out the next picture from the large manilla envelope. She doubled over as she began to laugh hysterically at Darien. "Oh Darien you were such a cute...." She trailed off as she looked to Darien, her laughter stopping immediately. She blinked slightly. "What's wrong muffin?"

This had been painful enough for Darien to look through the pictures from his childhood, before the death of his parents. Every picture they looked at made him relive the horrible time when he lost his parents. But he had wanted Serena to know more about his past. It made them feel closer.

He, Darien, he who can control his emotions so easily, was on the verge of tears as he saw the next picture. It was of him as a young boy. He was in a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt, had a cowboy hat on his head, a little holster and a plastic gun, and a huge silly grin on his face. He remembered that day. It was the day before the accident.

He was trying his best to control his emotions and then Serena had to burst out laughing. That was too much for him. He closed his eyes and turned away from Serena, in order to hide any tears that might escape.

"Muffin?" Serena's brow furrowed slightly in concern as she placed a calming hand on his shoulder. "You okay?"

Quickly he wiped his eyes and put what he hoped was a believable smile on his face. He turned to her. "Of course I'm okay!" He hugged her tightly, holding her close to him. "I love you Serena." Yes, she was his family now, and he loved her more than he ever had imagined possible. They were destined to be together. Their love would last forever.

Serena smiled up at him and hugged him back. "I love you too Darien." Slowly they bent their heads close together and kissed.

* * *

It was dark. He couldn't see anything. Then suddenly silvery light appeared faintly from overhead. The light of a full moon, though it was covered halfway with dark clouds. The area was illuminated in a silver glow. A thin mist rolled through the garden area in which he was standing.

It was near the edge of a forest and almost completely closed in by neatly trimmed hedges. In the middle of the small clearing was a circular fountain. He knew this place but he couldn't quite place it.

He saw a shadowed figure sitting on the edge of the fountain. Darien took an unsure step towards the fountain, not sensing anything evil about the person, but actually feeling curiously drawn to it. He could just barely make out the figure. He squinted to get a better look.

From amidst the shadows he could make out the head with two meatball shaped buns on top. The hair flowed down her back till the ends just barely graced the water's surface. She was in a gown of some sort and was looking away from him, her hands clasped patiently on her lap.

She looked then to his direction. "Darling, you came!"

He walked over to Serena. "Ser..." He stopped his words. A cloud had uncovered the rest of the moon, lighting up the whole area. There sat not Serena, but someone else. She was dressed in a long black and silver gown and her hair was a dark pinkish color. Her crimson eyes lit up at him and she smiled.



"DARIEN!" Serena reached down and shook him. "Wake up Darien! Did you forget about the meeting? We're already half an hour late! Raye's gonna kill us!"

"Ugg....justonemoreminute.." He attempted to roll over onto his belly but ended up rolling off of the couch and landed with a thud on the floor.

Serena giggled. "Come on sleepy head! Up and at 'em!"

He sat up rubbing his head then looked to Serena. "How many cups of coffee did you have this morning?!"

"Oh! Only three! But I did have a few doughnuts on my way over so I think I should be awake!"

Darien sweat dropped.

"Now! Up! Up! Up! It's 12:30 already! Go Make yourself presentable!" ordered Serena.

With a groan he got up and stretched, the dream having completely slipped from his mind for the moment.

* * *

Everyone was gathered in Raye's temple. This meant that Lita, Mina, Serena, Raye, Amy, Darien, Luna, and Artemis were there. The Outers weren't there though, they had left on a trip to visit Italy about a week before hand.

Serena, like always, was munching on some chocolate chip muffins that Lita had brought along. And, like always, she was trying to eat several at one time.

"Slow down Serena! You don't wont to become a blimp do you?" chastised Luna.

"But...yumm..." * munch munch* "they'!!!" mumbled Serena as she stuffed more into her mouth.

"No More!" Raye pulled the plate of muffins away from Serena. Serena scowled at Raye who just simply scowled back. Artemis and Luna stepped into the middle of the circle of scouts.

"Scouts!" began Artemis. "Attention! This is a Scout Meeting. Please Pay Attention!" with this he looked at all of them, especially Serena.

"Yesterday me and Luna discovered something."

"S-s-something..bad?" asked Serena with a gulp.

Artemis nodded slowly. "Unfortunately yes Serena. It seems that..."

"It seems that a black hole has opened near the edge of our solar system." Cut in Luna. "But, unlike normal black holes, it doesn't seem to be sucking anything in. In fact, it isn't acting anything like a black hole at all!"

"Just a sec!" Amy's computer appeared and she started typing fast. "Ah, yes...I think I've found it. It seems to be some sort of opening in space. Like some sort of portal." Various bleeps and beeps came from her computer as she continued to type. "H-hey guys!" She looked up to them from her little computer. "You aren't gonna like this but it appears that there is a lot of mega negative energy radiating from there..."

Serena's voice piped in. "Are you sure you're right Amy?"

Everyone half glared at Serena as Amy almost fainted from the mere idea.

She winced. "Okay, Amy isn't wrong. Well then, whose behind it?"

"I don't know. Maybe the Negav..."

A knock was heard on the front door of the temple. Raye jumped up, cutting off her sentence, as she ran to the door and opened it. A tall woman stood there, probably about 18 or 19. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a black tank-top. Her long dark red hair was pulled back into a low ponytail tied with a sliver hairthingy.

"Um...sorry, the temple's closed right now. You'll have to come back tomorrow..."

The girl looked in towards the group of teenagers. They looked back at her then went back to chitchatting. All except Darien. Their eyes met for a just a moment, but that moment seemed to last for a long time. He felt something, but he didn't know what. He blinked slowly then pulled his eyes away from her and smiled at the group of friends, trying not to show the confusement and the shock that he was feeling. Luckily, Serena was too busy with stuffing her face with the muffins she had recovered to notice the look passed between him and the other girl.

The girl shook her head to clear her thoughts. There was just something about that guy. Sure he was cute and everything. Actually VERY cute, didn't know how to explain it. It just seemed like somehow he was familiar, though she had never seen him before.

"I SAID to please come back tomorrow." said the rather annoyed Raye.

"" She glanced to Raye. "I was actually looking for Chad Kumada. I was told he's been staying here."

"Oh, Chad..." Raye nodded slightly. "He isn't here right now but you can leave a message for him. Are his girlfriend?" Raye couldn't help but feel slightly jealous, after all, here was this tall mysterious beauty looking for Chad, of all people. But she wouldn't ever EVER let anyone know she liked him somewhat herself.

"No! I'm his sister!" Raye gave an unnoticed sigh of relief. "We don't look alike though do we?" She laughed softly. She grinned inwardly to herself, seeing the fleeting flash of jealousy in this girl's eyes momentarily when she had asked if she was his girlfriend. So someone has a crush on little ol' Chad. Good for him.

"Sister?" Called out Mina who had been listening to their conversation. "I didn't know he had a sister!"

"Well, uh, we didn't really grow up together. In fact we only just found out about each other a few weeks ago. I was just able to fly here to Tokyo to meet him. Um here..." She handed Raye a slip of paper with an address and number scribbled on it. "Just tell him that Dayna stopped by and for him to call me when he gets in, k?"

"Sure thing."

" is it?" She grinned as she turned and walked away from the temple.

"Yeah..but how did you..???" asked the dumfounded Raye.

Dayna stopped and turned back to Raye for a moment with a wink. "I have a gift for these things." She smiled then hurried down the street.

Raye closed the door then looked to the group. "Well, THAT was strange!"

Darien nodded slowly in agreement. Very strange.

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Chapter Two: The Strong...The Mighty...The...BOB?!?

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