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Note From Author: Hello, this is my first ever attempt at writing a Fan-Fic of any sort so please be patient with me and don't flame me too bad. Also I know I've probably made some horrible errors as in how a character might act or what attacks they use when. I know I've probably stolen some stuff from the show or other Sailor Moon Fan-Fics. I've watched so many shows and read so many Fan-Fics I can't be totally sure that I came up with everything I came up with, though I'm pretty sure most of it is mine. I'm using the North American names because those are the ones that I know better and are also easier for me to spell.

Disclaimer: The characters Serena, Lita, Mina, Raye, Darien, Luna, Artemis, Chad, and their corrisponding parts are not mine. I borrowed them from the wonderfully-wonderful Naoko Takeuchi and the names are by DiC. The other characters, such as Dayna, Kaedia, Nite, Bob, and Dave are completely mine.

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In the far off reaches of our solar system trouble was brewing.

"Kaedia my Queen!" The short, fat, frog looking creature rushed into the long throne room. From a distance he looked rather like a human, dressed all in black, but once you got close to him you could see the greenish tint to his skin and his bulging, frog-like eyes. His hands and feet, he didn't wear shoes, were both webbed. He had a thin mass of tangled white hair on his head. Rather disgusting to look upon. He bowed quickly before his queen. "I bring good news from the barracks. Our forces are nearly ready for your attack on Earth!"

An evil grin slowly spread onto the queen's face. Her deep brown eyes flashed with glee as she looked to her loyal servant. "Well done. Soon enough I will be able to take back that which is rightfully mine! But first I shall need someone to scout out the area. This will be a very important mission which only my most trusted and strongest warrior can do." Her gaze which had begun to wander around the room fell back to the man in front of her. He wasn't her strongest, she just needed someone stupid enough to go down there so she could see who protected the Earth and how. "Would you like to do it my mightiest warrior?"

The man smiled a horrid, toothless smile. His face shone full of pride. "I'd be honored my Queen!"

"Very well then. Do not disappoint me!" Then with a gesture of her hand and a flash of light he vanished. At first soft laughter was heard, then it turned into a loud evil laugh which filled the hall. Most likely he'd never return. But he will have served her purpose.

Yes, finally, after all of this time she will get the power she that was meant to have. She will win.

* * *

The meeting was over. Lita, Mina, and Amy had gone home. Serena and Darien decided to go on a walk in the park and watch the sunset. With a wave good-bye to Raye, off went the cute couple.

Serena was bouncing around Darien, who was sitting on a bench, telling him about her little argument with the boy at the cake store. "And then HE told ME that I would get fat if I kept on eating as much cake as I was! Who was HE to tell a costumer that she's fat?! That isn't good business if you ask me!"

Darien nodded slightly, only half listening to Serena. His mind was still on the girl from the temple. He didn't know why but he felt like he should know her from somewhere. "Who is she?"

Serena stopped her story and looked to Darien suddenly. "Who is who?! Are you seeing some other girl?!?!" She began to sniffle and sure enough, she started bawling.

Darien winced. He hadn't know he had spoken aloud. He was about to give an explanation when there was a loud crashing sound from over head. Serena stopped crying and they both looked upwards, sensing danger.

"What the..."


A large black cloud had appeared over head and a bolt of red lighting struck the earth near the bench. When the light subsided a short frogman could be seen. He was facing away from Serena and Darien, looking over the area before him.

"So this is Earth." He croaked, "Not much really. Hmm...let's see what type of weaklings live on this place." With a grin he sent a bolt of black energy at a tree and blew it up. "This should get some attention." He stood back and waited for something to happen.

Serena gasped with disgust at the ugly creature. When she saw he was gonna make trouble she knew what she had to do.


There was a flash of light and ribbons, then, where once Serena stood there now stood Sailor Moon.

"Hmm?" The frog person turned to her with a smirk. "And who are you supposed to be? Little Girl Wimp?"

"I'm the pretty sailor-suited solider! Fighter for love and justice! Sailor Moon! How dare you blow up our trees. Someone could get hurt! In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!"

A wave of negative energy flew at Sailor Moon from the monster's open webbed hands. She was thrown back against a tree then fell down.

A masked man in a tuxedo rushed to Sailor Moon and held her in his arms. "Sailor Moon? Are you okay?"

She opened her eyes slowly and sat up, smiling slightly at Tuxedo Mask. "Yeah, I'm fine."

The frogman glared at Sailor Moon. "Oh yeah, like you are going to beat me!" he sneered at Sailor Moon. "You and what army?"

"This One!" several voices yelled.

Suddenly four people stepped out of the shadows.

They were girls dressed in outfits similar to the one Sailor Moon was wearing, except that each one had their own color.

The one in red stepped forward, anger flashing in her eyes. "You looking for a fight? You're gonna get scorched! I'm Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars I'll burn you!"

Next the girl in the green outfit stepped forward, her hands on her hips defiantly. "You want trouble pal, you're looking at it! My name is trouble! I'm Sailor Jupiter! In the name of Jupiter I'll shock you!"

The small blue-haired girl in a matching blue sailor suit spoke loudly, "I wont let you mess with my friends! I am Sailor Mercury! In the name of Mercury I'll drown you!"

Last of all, the orange suited, yellow haired girl stepped forward. "Hey! Frog-face! Yeah you! How dare you show yourself here! I'm Sailor Venus! In the name of Venus I'll smash you!"

Sailor Moon stood up with Tuxedo Mask and they went and stood beside their friends.

"By the name of the Planets and the Moon, we'll eliminate you!" they shouted.

The man watched this with a smirk. "Hmm, how cute. Now I feel like I must give some introduction speech myself. How about this? I am the Strongest of the strongest, the Mightiest of the mightiest, the Bravest of the bravest, the Best of the best. I am...Bob! And in the name of my Queen, I'll destroy you all!"

"This guy's rather full of himself." muttered Mars to herself "What sort of name is Bob anyway?"

Bob, who had heard this, growled. "Just for that I'll get rid of you first!" A large ball of dark energy formed around his hands. He then threw it at Sailor Mars. She tried to block it, but it was just too strong. She fell weakly to the ground.

"Mars!" cried Mercury as she quickly ran to her friend.

"You'll pay for that! JUPITER THUNDER....CRASH!" Lightening poured down from the skies, channeling into the antenna which had extended on Jupiter's tiara.

Almost simultaneously Venus called out "Take this! VENUS...CRESCENT BEAM...SMASH!" A beam of energy shot out from her tiara as Jupiter's lightening shot out from hers. Bob attempted to move out of the way, but the attacks came from both sides. Before he could even put up a shield they hit him.

"Auuugg...." He fell down.

"Now finish him off Sailor Moon!"

"Sure thing Tuxedo Mask!" Sailor Moon flashed a smile at him as her scepter appeared. "MOON...SCEPTER..." After doing the proper gestures with the scepter she pointed it towards Bob. "ELIMINATION!" A stream of stars and crescent moons along with a pink energy shot out of the scepter and hit Bob dead on.

Bob's body jerked for a second, turned into a crystalline form, then vanished.

Mars, with Mercury's help, sat up weakly. "I wonder if that was from our visitors with the portal..."

"Well," Lita said, "if he was their strongest then we haven't much to worry about."

"Maybe," said Darien. "Or else it could have been just a boast to get us thinking there isn't any danger. Either way we need to be on guard from now on. Who knows when or how they might strike next."

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Chapter Three

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